Who we are

Anders Andersson (PI)

Anders received his PhD in 2005 at KTH Royal Institute of Technology after graduate studies on functional genomics on Archaea. Thereafter he conducted postdoctoral studies at the Karolinska Institute, University of California Berkeley, and Uppsala University, working on metagenomics approaches to study microbial communities of different environments (the human gut microbiota, biofilms of acid mine drainage, and bacterioplankton of lakes and the Baltic Sea). In 2010 he returned to KTH, starting his tenure track and building up the Environmental Genomics group at Science for Life Laboratory in Stockholm. In 2014 he was promoted to associate professor.

Vesna Grujcic (Postdoc)

Vesna received her PhD in May 2018 at University of South Bohemia, Czech Republic. Her research investigated predator-prey interactions at the level of microbial eukaryotes and their bacterial prey, combining single-cell microscopic techniques and molecular methods.

She began her postdoc in the Environmental Genomics group at KTH/Scilifelab in 2019, and is developing a novel method for coupled high-throughput single-cell transcriptomics and microscopy of eukaryotic plankton. The project is done in collaboration with other groups at SciLifeLab and with Rachel Foster's group at Stockholm University.

Meike Latz (Postdoc)

Meike has a background in molecular/microbiology from RWTH Aachen (DE) and University of Exeter (UK). She received her PhD in microbiology from the University of Copenhagen (DK) in June 2019, where she investigated plant-associated fungi using metabarcoding and transcriptomics. Her general research interest lies in microbe – environment interactions, how environmental factors influence microbial community abundance, composition, and functions in the environment.

Since September 2019, as a postdoctoral fellow at SciLifeLab and KTH, Meike develops molecular and bioinformatic methods to advance metabarcoding for higher taxonomic coverage and resolution. She applies these methods for environmental monitoring of plankton in the Baltic sea, with a special focus on non-indigenous species and harmful algae. This project - DNA-metabarcoding of marine phytoplankton - is a collaboration with Umeå University and SMHI.

Ela Iwaszkiewicz (Postdoc)

Ela is an evolutionary geneticist interested in uncovering and understanding the diversity of life. She received her PhD in 2018 at the Max-Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology, Germany. In her PhD research Ela used transcriptomics to observe how hybridization facilitated rapid local adaptation and speciation in fish.

Currently she's a postdoctoral researcher within the Insect Biome Atlas (IBA), where she's developing and implementing a metabarcoding approach to describe insect fauna of Sweden. Ela is sharing her time between the Natural History Museum, Piotr Lukasik's lab at Jagiellonian University and SciLifeLab.

Maria Prager (Research Engineer)

Maria completed a PhD in animal ecology in 2010, at the University of Gothenburg. She explored the evolutionary origins of biodiversity, focusing on sexually selected signal traits, such as bright carotenoid coloration and elongated tails in birds. Specifically, Maria combined reflectance colorimetry, liquid chromatography (HPLC) and molecular systematics to test phylogenetic, mechanistic and ontogenetic explanations of evolutionary divergence in the African widowbirds and bishops (Euplectes spp.).

Maria is a research engineer at the Department of Ecology, Environment and Plant Sciences (DEEP), at Stockholm University, and joined the Environmental Genomics group at Scilifelab in 2018. Together with Anders and collaborators at Uppsala and Linnaeus University, she works with mobilizing metabarcoding and metagenomics data into Biodiversity Atlas Sweden, now part of the Swedish Biodiversity Data Infrastructure (SBDI).

Master students

Luis Fernando Delgado Zambrano (Lund Univ.)
Ziling Deng (KTH)
Cecilia Furugård (KTH/KI/SU)


Johannes Alneberg (PhD student). Presently at NGI/Scilifelab.
Conny Sjöqvist (Postdoc). Presently at Åbo Academy.
Yue Hu (PhD student). Presently at CTMR.
Luisa Hugerth (PhD student). Presently at CTMR.
Olov Svartström (Postdoc). Presently at Swedish Public Health Agency.
Jurg Brendan Logue (Postdoc). Presently at SLU.
Daniel Lundin (Postdoc). Presently at Linnaeus University.
Brynjar Smári Bjarnason (Master Student). Presently at Spotify.
Ino de Bruijn (Master Student, Bioinformatician). Presently at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.
Hussein Shokry (Master Student).
Caroline Lilliebjörn (Master Student).
Florian Heigwer (Project Student). Presently at German Cancer research Center.
Nasir Abbasi (Project Student).
Hugo Wefer (Project Student). Presently at Clinical Genomics/Scilifelab.